New TRX Fitness Classes in San Francisco’s Marina District taught by Coach Rich Thurman at Sweat Republic:

TRX BOOTCAMP (Tu/Th 7a – 7:50a)

This workout is designed to deliver a fast, effective total-body workout, that helps build a rock solid core, increases muscular endurance and revs up metabolism. Each week the equipment and workout will change to keep you at peak performance. (Includes TRX, Weights, Cardio and more)


This class is designed to ramp up your metabolism with challenging but effective interval training. Push your cardio and strength to the limits as you work harder than you’ve ever worked to not only burn the maximum amount of calories in a short 50 minute class, but to keep burning throughout the rest of the day.

TRX & FLOW (Th 6a)

This class will wake you up with the perfect combination of strength and mobility movements both on and off the TRX. It’ll challenge your core stability, endurance and cardio, jump starting your energy for the rest of the day.

Classes are held at Sweat Republic SF. Sign up here.

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