Coach Rich Thurman has teamed up with Sports Basement’s Bryant street location to bring a one of a kind Bootcamp experience to the people of San Francisco.  

Saturday October 11th at 11am come down and join us for a FREE 50 minute butt kicking bodyweight workout.

Snacks and water will be provided by Sports Basemen. All you have to do is bring a towel, your body ready to work and your game face.

All levels of fitness are welcome to join us. There’s something for everyone so take the leap and join us for this awesome event.

If you have any questions, you can email rich at

See you there!


Bootcamp San Francisco

New Personal Training Rincon Hill San Francisco:

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in the Rincon Hill area of San Francisco? Xodus Fitness offers the highest standard of Personal Training at your condo or apartment building. No need to worry about signing up for a gym membership and then purchasing Personal Training on top of that.

We make it simple by coming to you. We service clients in One Rincon, Rincon Green, Millennium Tower as well as The Infinity and other neighboring buildings. We have the perfect flexible programs for the busy traveler as well the local businessman.

Our Coaching is Elite and Professional. We take extreme care to offer the highest level of professionalism to our clients. Always on time and we rarely, if ever need to cancel a training session. But rest assured, we take late cancelations (for non emergencies) very seriously and do our best to make up the loss of session to our clients.

Do you have a history or injury or special needs? We’ve worked with many different clients over the years with various different needs. From our experience within the realm of rehab, we take great care to liaise with your health provider (Doctor, Physical Therapist, etc) to make sure that our protocols meet the safety and progression needs that you have.  

Are you involved in Athletics and Sports? Our Head Coach Rich Thurman is a Strength & Conditioning Coach that can help you maximize your potential in your sport. We can design a program that will increase strength, speed, agility and mobility as well as endurance. Rich has worked with many athletes over the years, helping them improve overall performance.

Want to know more? Sign up for your Free Consultation here.

Training Rugged Maniac and Tough MudderTough Mudder Training in San Francisco and other obstacle events can be a challenge on your own. So when a couple of our regular Bootcamp participants asked us if they needed to do some special training in order to prepare, we did a little research.

What we found was interesting. There were various recommendations for training protocols for Mud Runs and our Body Transformation Bootcamp program here in San Francisco had all the prerequisites required to successfully prepare.

What type of training is best?

Tough Mudder training in general is fairly standard. Cross Training is essential for these types of events and all of the activities are Bodyweight. This means that it’s important that first timers learn to utilize their own bodyweight during exercise.

We focus on the fundamentals of movement in order to give our clients a solid base to work from. Our program is well rounded. We include some running, some high intensity intervals, mobility and flexibility as well as strength endurance.

Tough Mudder Training is not rocket science. It’s a fun run first of all and I think your approach should be to enjoy yourself. Secondly, it’s a team oriented activity where people help one another. A team environment is the atmosphere we create with our training programs, which increases chances of success with training.

How can you get started?

If you have booked a fun run like Tough Mudder or Rugged Maniac that’s coming up soon then first you need to assess your fitness level and determine how far out in advance you should be prepping yourself for the rigors of the run.

1. Beginner: If you are totally de-conditioned and haven’t worked out in some time it’s probably best to give yourself a few months of training and conditioning. You can take advantage of our 3 Month Unlimited Training package or if you need a little more time, our 6 Month Monthly Membership Prep Package which both give you 4 days per week of training as well as our expert advice and coaching when you need it.

2. Intermediate: If you’re an intermediate level athlete who has a bit of experience but need that extra push, you may want to give yourself a few months to push yourself to that next level of fitness and preparedness for the run. Our 3 Month Unlimited Training package Unlimited Package gives you all 4 classes per week for 30 days.

3. Advanced: If you’re a more advanced athlete and just need some additional challenges and coaching in preparation for Tough Mudder, or are just looking for some enhancement of your current training programming, you may want to try a 1 Month Unlimited package or an 8 Session pack.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get prepared for your first Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac or other fun run.

San Francisco Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp Soma Mission Bay Xodus FitnessI’ve got 2 new ways for you to burn more Body Fat and ramp up your metabolism in June. We’ve been asking ourselves how can we “Move more people” with our programs? How could we better help you become a happier and healthier community of people? Well the solution was simple.

You needed a high quality Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp style Fitness Program that would…

  • Get you outside and away from the four walls you’ve been confined to most days in the office.
  • Help you fit into that favorite pair jeans and feel great about your body (both naked and in clothes) as well as feel great about your overall health.  
  • Provide flexibility by offering a variety of times both early morning, evening, and weekends to accommodate you.
  • Help you learn to maximize your fitness anyplace and anytime, no matter the environment. 
  • Help you work to be YOUR personal best and reach beyond your ultimate fitness goals.
Where could you find such a program? Does this sort of thing even exist?
Absolutely. Look no further than our new Calorie Torching, Fat Incinerating Outdoor Bootcamp class times coming this June.
It’s Fast, Fun & Effective at maximizing fitness gains in a short time frame for the busy schedule by giving you everything you need to get maximum burn all in ONLY 50 MINUTES.
These 2 NEW Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp Class Times give you 2 new ways to blast body fat this summer:
  1. Mission Creek Park (290 Berry Street)
    • Wed: 6PM – 6:50PM
The compliments you receive will definitely have you smiling and feeling great about yourself. 
Your self confidence will skyrocket and you’ll no longer feel breathless after running to catch the bus or train.
The best part of it all is we’re giving away an entire WEEK of Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp classes for FREE. You heard us right. FREE!
Sign up for a your class by clicking the link below:
See you at Bootcamp!

private yoga san francisco mission bay marina pacific heightsLarge hot and sweaty yoga classes aren’t for everyone. Although there’s something special about practicing Yoga in a group setting, sometimes you just want a more intimate experience with your practice; You want to feel free to ask questions and be you without feeling judged by others.

Yoga is a personal practice first and foremost and often times we are distracted by our surroundings. Sometimes it’s the music. Sometimes it’s the people around us and other times it’s the environment. So finding the right place and space is often a challenge. 

Private Yoga lessons are a great alternative to the big studio environment. 

Benefits to Private Yoga Lessons and Small Group Yoga:

  1. Flexible Timing: Just like personal training, you can schedule it when you want it.
  2. Choose your environment: If you want to practice outside on a patio, in a park or you have an in home space, it’s up to you.
  3. Privacy: You can be free to experience Yoga in a nonjudgmental environment. This will allow you to grow and blossom in your Yoga practice.

Note: Private Yoga lessons with Yana are for Female only clients only and are strictly professional. Groups may be mixed.

Private Yoga Lessons available in San Francisco’s Glen Park, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Pacific Heights and Marina,

1 to 1 Private Yoga (at residence, park, studio)

$80/hr + Any Cost of Studio Fees, etc

Private Groups/Babies & Moms/On Site Corporate

$100 – $200/hr – Pricing based on customized program for the client/company needs. Contact us for a FREE Consultation & Trial Session. Email:

*Scheduling a FREE introductory class is a great way to decide if yoga appeals to your employees.

San Francisco Corporate Wellness Bootcamp YogaSan Francisco Corporate Wellness  programs by quality professionals are something that every company should be interested in. The truth is that most companies think that a Wellness program is too expensive or not in their budget. How could we possibly afford the expertise of a professional fitness provider?

We’re here to help:

We work with our clients to ensure that the program fits within their budget. 

Whether you’re a small or large company, having an on site program is beneficial to employee health, moral and overall workplace productivity.

We offer what we consider to be a Yin and Yang of Fitness by offering our clients the opportunity to combine two elements of balanced fitness practice. Our Bootcamps provide our clients with much needed strength and aerobic cardio activity. Our Yoga balancing the body with a restorative practice and mind calming approach, enhancing focus.

We provide both on site programs as well as opportunities for your employees to join us for our regularly scheduled Outdoor Bootcamps. Our regular programs are held in San Francisco’s Soma Mission Bay and group discounts are available.

Would you like to try a Bootcamp or Yoga session with Xodus Fitness?

Email and we can schedule a consultation and a Trial Session at your place of business.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re confident that we can provide you with the workplace fitness solutions that your company needs to take your Corporate Wellness program to the next level.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the Photos from our Office Fitness Bootcamp with the Sweat Guru team on the rooftop of Sweat Guru HQ.