Xodus Fitness has partnered with Umpqua Bank to bring you Free Yoga in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill with Yana Ibrahim.

Profile: Yana Ibrahim is cofounder of Xodus Fitness, a Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher and Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer.

She studied Hatha yoga with Vyasa Yoga Institute (India) and gained her Mama Tree L1 Pre/Post Natal Yoga Certification in San Francisco.

She draws inspiration from different types of yoga practice, believes in being authentic and creating a safe, empowering space for her students to explore themselves. Originally from Singapore, she now lives in San Francisco with her husband 14 mo old son.

Class limited to 20 participants.

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Free Yoga San Francisco

Xodus Fitness is one of, if not the only fitness company offering ONNIT Steel Club Training in San Francisco.

The Steel Club is a weighted instrument used for ultimate functional strength training. Training in Unconventional Methods challenges the body in ways that traditional weights cannot accomplish. Improve your:

  • Shoulder Strength
  • Scapular Stability
  • Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Core Stability and Strength
  • Endurance

Get outside of your box of common traditional training and get Unconventional.  Steel Clubs are portable and allow for so much variation of movement that you’ll never get bored. Strength exercises can be done in traditional linear training progressions or Clubs can be used in various types of movement flows.

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ONNIT Certified Trainer Kettlebell Training San FranciscoAre you looking for Kettlebell Workouts in San Francisco?

Coach Rich Thurman (@Coach_RT3) is an ONNIT L2 Kettlebell Specialist. What does that mean?

There are many Kettlebell certifications out there and most focus on the sport of Kettlebell. The ONNIT certification focuses on “Total Human Optimization”.

By Total Human Optimization, we mean integrating Kettlebells into the fundamental movement patterns of the body with an acute focus on posture and body alignment. We mean optimizing your performance and abilities both with and without the Kettlebell.

The objective of Rich’s programs are to train the body to move effectively without the Kettlebell and then integrate the Kettlebell as a tool to increase complexity of body movement, through Functional Training.

Training is exactly that… Training. Train the body to work as it is designed to work.

How will working out with Coach RT3 will benefit you?

  • You’ll improve overall movement, flexibility and mobility
  • You’ll improve your posture and joint stability for Functional Movements
  • You’ll improve stamina and overall strength
  • Burn Lots of Calories and improve physique

Interested in setting up Individual or Group Kettlebell Workouts in San Francisco?

Contact Rich via Email at: info@xodusfitness.com or CALL 415.990.4874

Xodus Fitness is proud to announce our brand new Mobile Kettlebell Training in San Francisco.

Kettlebells are excellent workout tools that provide a variety of exercises and training opportunities.

Strength Training:

Kettlebells allow you to work on overall strength and joint stability. Weight variation, single arm/leg and double arm/leg movements allow you to work muscles in a variety of ways contributing to amazing programs and workouts.

Onnit KettlebellsCore Stability:

Kettlebell movements challenge the core and allow movements that Dumbbells and Bars cannot accommodate.

Cardio & Endurance:

Many Kettlebell movements are full body and can be combined safely into HIIT and Circuit Training programs. The intensity can be varied by weight or reps. When used appropriately, Kettlebells can provide a Fat Burning, Muscle Building, Cardio workout.

If you’re interested in Individualized Kettlebell Training right at your doorstep or a Group Training program at your office send inquiries to info@xodusfitness.com

Onnit Academy Certification
ONNIT Certified Trainer San Francisco

Xodus Fitness is proud to introduce the very first ONNIT Certified Trainer in San Francisco, Coach Rich Thurman MA, CSCS, CPT.

Coach Rich has been using Steel Clubs, Kettlebells and Steel Maces as well as suspension training and Battle Ropes for years prior to its recent growth popularity. However, with the growing popularity and Coach Rich’s constant quest for innovating and trailblazing movements and training protocols, the ONNIT family was the perfect fit for him to grow and explore these implements in greater depth. In turn he is highly qualified to instruct newcomers to these tools.

Message from Coach Rich Thurman:

What is Unconventional Training?

I think unconventional training is anything outside of the normal realm of the current fitness model of EGO driven styles of training and/or even the body building/ weight loss crowd.

Even though the growth of unconventional methods will become more common, I still believe it will remain unconventional and unique as creative coaches innovate and find new ways to explore the common implements used in most fitness protocols.


The focus of the unconventional coach and particularly an ONNIT Certified Trainer is one of lifelong fitness and health, combining strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility with a holistic approach to eating and living.

At the end of the day, most people want to feel better and move better. The foundational training for a person who’s interested in the more unconventional approach looks to strengthen from the body center and move people towards a body that moves more freely.

Certified Personal Trainers Rich  and YanaIT GIVES YOU FREEDOM

Freedom is what we all want at the end of the day. We want to be free to move our body, free of aches and pains. 

I often tell my clients that age is more about how you feel than anything else. Youth is in your ability to move freely, maintain flexibility, mobility, strength and recover.


Naturally the side effects of this sort of training is not only a body that moves better, but a body that utilizes full ranges of motion to get more effective workouts.

More effective workouts maximize energy expense (calorie burn) and as you progress. As you get better over time your body begins to use more ranges of motion, activate more muscle which in the end burns more calories than a body that doesn’t move well.

So the natural side effect is a body that not only performs better, but a body that looks better.


Honestly, I’ve always believed in the Bruce Lee mantra which stems from the Eastern Philosophy of “Take what is useful and discard what is not.” 

Unconventional simply means to take normal implements and do something different than the conventional concepts. We also take implements that aren’t so common and use them in various ways to target parts of the body that are commonly missed in the more traditional workouts.

Common ToolsONNIT Certified Trainer Kettlebell Training San Francisco:

(to see some of the tools in action follow: @coach_rich_thurman on Instagram)

  • Bodyweight
  • Steel Clubs
  • Steel Mace
  • Kettlebells
  • Suspension Training
  • Olympic Bar
  • Sandbags
  • Ropes

Dare to be different and challenge yourself in new ways.

Contact Coach Rich at Rich@xodusfitness.com if you’d like to get started on your Unconventional Journey in the San Francisco Bay Area with an ONNIT CERTIFIED TRAINER.